a cwd photoshoot

My new homepage images are up and I couldn't be more excited! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting a selection of my work with the very talented photographer, Jason Patrylo. I usually work with him on footwear photoshoots, so switching it up to stationery was a nice change of pace. Here's a little look at the behind the scenes action:

My first stop was loading up on props at Target, of course. Anything and everything glittery, gold and bright made it in to my cart. 

My favorite part about a photoshoot is playing with the accessories! I could experiment all day with tchotchke additions, but I tried to keep it pretty minimal. Jason did an awesome job with lighting, color correction and all the little extras that make an eye-catching photo. 

After a little retouching action, I walked away with six fun photos that I am very proud of. Looking forward to more like this in the future!

Courtney WinetComment